Preparing for the Inevitable

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Now that Major Hurricane Dorian has got your attention, you should take the time to see the three part series, we produced for cable on “Preparing for the Inevitable”. Our effort to get people in areas vulnerable to hurricane impacts plan ahead for them. We were especially concerned for areas where the return periods for major hurricanes is long.


Show 1: A group of 6 meteorologists (Joe Bastardi, his dad (Matt) and son (Garrett), Herb Stevens, Ron Moore) talked about their experience in the field and with hurricanes

In Show 2: Our team talked about the great hurricanes that have affected out country. Matt recalled the hurricane of ’38 in Providence and then he and I recalled our memories of Hurricane Carol. The team then talked about the great hurricanes that affected our country over the years.

In Show 3: Meteorologist and storm chaser Ron Moore (he is in Dorian as I write this)  and I were joined by  Leslie Chapman Henderson of FLASH to discuss the practical steps you should you take if you live in these vulnerable areas where the storms are infrequent – what we do to be ready for a major impact hurricane – to be hurricane strong.

The 2019 Season So Far

It has been a quiet tropical season through August in all the Northern Hemisphere with the exception of the North Indian Ocean where 1 major cyclone produced an above normal Accumulated Cyclone Energy total. In The Atlantic we had Hurricane Barry in July but the big one has been Dorian, a strong CAT5 storm.

Name                 Dates         Max Wind (mph)
STS Andrea         20-21 May            40
H   Barry          11-15 Jul            75
TD  Three          22-23 Jul            35
TS  Chantal        21-23 Aug            40
MH  Dorian     24 Aug-                 185
TS  Erin           26-29 Aug            40

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 7.52.24 AM.png

The decade has been a quiet one though it turned active the last 3 years. For landfalls, we had the quietest decade for landfalls excluding 2019. With Barry and assuming Dorian makes landfall, we will have 12, matching 1970s. If Dorian touches land as a CAT 3 or higher, we will match the 1970s also for major hurricane landfalls. We still have at least September and October to deal with.Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 8.45.11 AM



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